Seafood From the Seashores of South Africa

In 1995, Ocean Basket opened as a small shop in Pretoria. Since then, the Ocean Basket brand has expanded over 16 countries and opened a total of 199 restaurants. 

At Ocean Basket, we love seafood and we love the sea. We are proud to say that everything on our menu adheres to strict South African Sustainable Seafood guidelines.

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The company is Southern Africa's largest user of aquaculture products, including Prawns, Kingklip, Yellow Tail, Hake and Calamari. 

The menu features many such products that reduce the need for harvesting fish from the sea, thus impacting depletion of naturally occurring fish stock.

It is deeply committed to the sustainability of seafood and ensures its menu conforms to the guidelines laid out by South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative.

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