We believe that our success depends on every one of our 9,000 and growing employees providing great service to our customers every day. So, we strive to give everyone the best opportunities to grow by consistently introducing various learning and development initiatives.

All the Learning and Development initiatives follow a blended method compared to the more traditional means of classroom learning and are carried out in our very own Al Tayer Group Learning Centre. We also have a fully functional Retail Academy, where all trainers are highly qualified and experienced.

Automotive Industry development involves facilitator led training, e-learning experience and simulated learning environments. These provide a rich learning platform at all levels, from the sales floor to after sales to those who work with the machines themselves.

Our Industries division follows out-of-the-box, first-of-its-kind approaches to learning and development. The Apprentice Workshop provides a safe training environment for our construction work force, whereas the Learning Warehouse, which is a fully simulated virtual immersive learning environment, is ideal for logistics and supply chain development.

Overall, be it retail, automotive, construction, travel & tourism, logistics, corporate or engineering, we aim to bring the best-in-class learning endeavors to empower our employees with the right tools to always be ahead of the competition.