Scene has created a unique food experience for shoppers to dine and dwell, promoting the exclusive services and iconic heritage of Bloomingdale’s.

Scene and Bloomingdale’s bring together brand icons to create an impactful and memorable ambiance engaging shoppers with a social space of creation.

Scene’s chic and elegance draws inspiration from Bloomingdale’s New York City heritage and the role it continues to play in the exclusive social scene of the city. At the center of the New York City’s exclusive social scene are extravagant luxury apartments, hosting private viewings where the best home furnishings, fashions and food are brought together and celebrated by New York City elites, a tradition Bloomingdale’s still caters for since the 70s.

Shoppers are invited to a private dinner party in a lavish Upper East Side apartment, where food and fashion merge to bring to life the glamour of New York, creating the ultimate place to see and be seen.

Scene’s comfortable and elegant furniture evokes a contemporary mood for diners to relax and dwell and extends to the ‘roof terrace’ outside the ‘apartment’ where shoppers and diners can look across the mall and through to the luxury shoes and handbags and continue to plan their day.

The menu offering brings together luxury patisserie of New York City and Paris and combines those with senses and flavors of the Middle East for an irresistible dining experience that binds these fashion destinations together.

‘To see and to be Scene’

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